Max Yuma

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Better Justice Inhaltsangabe

Arizona cattle rancher Vince Hayburn dies unexpectedly. His niece, Chicago homicide detective Jodi Hayburn, arrives in the small town to take possession of her inherited property. The strange people and the unbearable heat threaten to drive her away, but she soon finds that they are only part of her problems. She is not welcome in town, and the cool reception raises a gut feeling that something is not right. She begins to investigate her uncle's death; his reported heart attack doesn't add up. Her gut feeling is confirmed when other dead bodies start to turn up. Tensions arise among the local authorities as she gets closer to the truth. Her only ally is Sheriff's Deputy Max Yuma, who has his own reasons to distrust the town leaders. As the forces clash and it becomes clear that justice will never be served, the town braces for a completely new brand of justice.

©2013 R. M. Kelley (P)2017 R. M. Kelley
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