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Dingo the Dragon Slayer Inhaltsangabe

Everyone knows that dwarves mostly live underground. In this tale a dwarf named Dingo, who guards the opening of one of the vents that feeds them fresh air, is thrust into a high adventure when he has to leave his post to see what Master Zarvin, a fabled great wizard, has to show him.

It turns out that a dragon wants to nest in the air shaft, and it is up to Dingo to stop it. The only problem is that Master Zarvin is on the dragon's side. Will Dingo become a dragon slayer, or will he get eaten? Or will he do something else that surprises even him? To find out you'll just have to listen for yourself.

Listen to Dingo the Dragon Slayer, and let the action and adventure begin.

Note: If you're familiar with the Crimzon and Clover short stories, you will know that Master Zarvin is the kind, old wizard who took Clover in and taught her how to harness the magic she wields. These stories predate all but the first two Crimzon and Clover short stories and even feature the dragon, Royal, from the Locus Poll-nominated international best-selling young adult hit The Dragoneer Saga. These three 65-page tales are for listeners ages seven and up. But if you are knowledgeable about the Dragoneer Saga or just The Royal Dragoneers, you will want to find out this bit about Prince Richard's mighty dragon and where it came from. These stories aren't just for young adults. After all, fantasy fans are always young at heart.

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