Mary Poppins

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Discover the magical adventures of Mary Poppins and the Banks children in the classic series that inspired the beloved Disney film!

The Banks family's nanny has just quit, leaving them in quite a lurch. Then suddenly, the east wind blows someone marvelous onto the doorstep of Number 17 Cherry Tree Lane: Mary Poppins. While an experienced, proper nanny, she's nothing like what Jane, Michael, John, and Barbara Banks expect. Yes, she can be stern and sometimes a bit prickly. But it's undeniable that Mary Poppins possesses magic, from her ability to slide up banisters and make a spoonful of medicine taste like a treat to her bottomless, surprise-packed carpetbag. She takes the children on the most exciting of excursions, from upside-down tea parties to underwater adventures. Though the west wind is destined to sweep in and carry her off, Mary Poppins somehow always finds her way back to the Banks children.

P. L. Travers is the pen name of Helen Lyndon Goff, a native Australian who immigrated to England in 1924. She worked as a journalist and wrote travel stories before penning her breakout children’s book, Mary Poppins, in 1934. The story of a magical British nanny captured the attention of Walt Disney in the early 1940s—but it took him nearly 20 years to finalize the purchase of the movie rights.           

There are six audiobooks available in the Mary Poppins series, narrated by two talented British actresses: Sophie Thompson (sister to Emma Thompson) and Rosalyn Landor. Each narrator’s performance brings Mary Poppins to life in all of her clever and persnickety glory.

Start out with Mary Poppins, then follow it up with Mary Poppins Comes Back and Mary Poppins Opens the Door. The remaining audiobooks recount the Banks children's adventures with Mary Poppins and do not need to be listened to in any particular order.

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