Mail Order Brides of Arkansas

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The Bride & the Deaf Girl Inhaltsangabe

Can a grieving ranch owner find new love with a bride from New York?

When Elan Beauregard’s best friend brings him a mail order bride to be his fiancée, Elan is outraged. Yet, he cannot very well send the woman away, so she temporarily settles into his household. Elan is surprised when his eight-year-old foster daughter, Kate, bonds with the lovely stranger quickly.

Mail order bride Juliana Wills is mortified to discover she is supposed to marry a hard-bitten man who clearly does not like her. She is drawn to his little girl, however, and easily communicates with Kate who is deaf. But after a difficult two weeks, Juliana packs her things and leaves.

Kate is distraught, and Elan goes to bring Juliana back, realizing that perhaps he was hasty in his judgement. In truth, he’s growing fond of Juliana. One of Elan’s maids is secretly in love with her boss and does her best to get rid of Juliana. When Kate suddenly goes missing, the maid accuses Juliana of foul play.

Where is Kate? How can Elan find a little girl lost in the wilderness? Is Juliana the supreme manipulator, or did the maid harm Kate out of vindictiveness?

©2019 Susannah Calloway (P)2019 Tica House Publishing LLC
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