Love in a Small Town

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The First One Inhaltsangabe

Ali and Flynn were high school sweethearts. Eager to see the world and leave behind their small Georgia hometown, they'd planned for an exciting new life together after they finished school.

But on graduation day, only one of them hit the road.

Eight years down that road, an unexpected loss brings Flynn home again. He's a big-shot photojournalist, and he's made most of his dreams reality. But he's done it alone. Is it too late for his biggest dream to come true?

Ali's spent those years working hard, raising a daughter and helping her brother keep their family farm alive. Thinking about Flynn and what might have been is a pain she tries to avoid...even when it's impossible to forget.

Flynn's return brings back feelings Ali thought were long dead and hopes she'd abandoned. Finding their way back to each other will change them forever, opening old wounds and stirring up memories.

Can the first love be the one that lasts forever?

©2015 Tawdra Kandle (P)2016 Tawdra Kandle
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    Always Our Love Titelbild
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