Light Tamer Trilogy

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The Light Tamer Inhaltsangabe

Jessie Lucente recently moved in with her grandma in New Bern, NC. A cozy town for retiree's and home of Nicholas Sparks, but not good for a teenage girl.

Jessie is reintroduced to Caleb Baldwin, the nerdy boy that rescued her from drowning one summer. Caleb isn't scrawny and dorky anymore, he is tall, dark, and very handsome. Caleb is a Light Tamer and he needs Jessie for his survival. He is bound to her because he saved her life and now he is falling for her... because she's almost perfect. Jessie is a Light Tamer with unique abilities, you will learn what 15 seconds do.

Jessie is introduced to Amber, a girl that is angry at the world over her brother's death. Her sarcasm will have you laughing at her boldness. Amber was a loner, until Jessie came along and made her participate in life again.

In mythology, Fate is three sisters. The one to begin your life, one to weave your life, and one to end your life. The one that weaves the story of your life needs the Light Tamers to banish Erebus. He is the God of Darkness. Erebus is on a mission to steal an original Light Tamer, but he must be vanquished back to the Underworld. When you challenge darkness, you risk your light being drained. Can true love conquer the Dark Ones?

Be a fifteen-year-old all over again. This audiobook will take you on a journey through first kisses, to bonding for life. Jessie will captivate listeners with her likability. Caleb will open your heart to love and friendship. This is a story for all ages.

©2012 Stefanie Dawson (P)2013 Stefanie Dawson
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