Latvala Royals

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Heir Untamed Inhaltsangabe

Desperate for work to avoid eviction from her Seattle apartment, photographer Chey Sinclair accepts a rare opportunity to travel abroad and photograph Latvala royalty. Encountering the royals for the first time, Chey experiences an instant attraction to Mattias, second in line to the throne. He's charming, confident - and taken. During a horseback ride to clear her head, Chey finds herself in a scuffle with Sander Fisk, head of security. Rugged, determined, and sharp tongued, Sander is infuriating as well as intriguing. Faced with conflicting emotions and a mystery unfolding in the castle, Chey must decide between men: a prince of Latvala, or an arrogant rogue. She discovers the hard way that this particular fairy tale was more than she ever bargained for.

©2012 Danielle Bourdon (P)2016 Danielle Bourdon
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    The King Takes a Bride Titelbild
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    The Wrath of the King Titelbild
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    A Royal Legacy Titelbild
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    A King's Crusade Titelbild
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