Last Days

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Last Days Inhaltsangabe

Last Days is the first book in the Last Days trilogy. It is where the story begins....

Led by his curiosity and fueled by intelligence, Dr. Marcus Leon embarks on what he believes is the greatest scientific experiment of all time. One that ignites a firestorm of controversy. Not only does Marcus intend to extract DNA from the blood trapped in the Shroud of Turin, but he will clone the image upon it.

The experiment is a success, and the masses embrace the clone as the embodiment of Christ, failing to recognize that science can replicate the body but cannot touch the soul.

Devoid of this essential spirit, the clone is nothing more than a directionless vessel in need of a captain. A position quickly filled. The arrival of the clone begins the end to all humanity.

©2019 Jacqueline Druga (P)2017 Jacqueline Druga
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