Lairds of Dunkeld

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Heart of a Highlander: A Medieval Scottish Romance Story Inhaltsangabe

A tormented Highlander....

Duty-bound to seek revenge, Broderick MacConnaway, son of the Thane of Dunkeld, lives haunted by memories of his lost wife, Aisling. Forming an alliance with the Lochlann family presents its own trials, but if the marriage allows him to fulfill his vengeance, then so be it. Even if the guilt over Aisling prevents him from ever loving again....

The Lochlann lass....

With her uncle seeking to marry her off advantageously, Amabel du Mas, great-niece of Brien, Earl of Lochlann, is still empathetic to the plight of Broderick MacConnaway. Believing she would never meet a man she would look at twice - let alone marry - Amabel nonetheless knows a ghost lies between them. A ghost that she may never be able to lay to rest....

Revenge takes a strange path....

But when sinister intentions surface and Amabel is captured before she has a chance to reveal them, Broderick is forced to see past the deceptions and begin another campaign of vengeance. With conflicts between powerful clans escalating and the well-laid plans unraveling into senseless violence, Broderick has no choice but to work together with his new wife to bring Aisling's killers to justice. But can they find love?

©2017 Emilia Ferguson & Mountainsky House Publishing Co. (P)2018 Tantor
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