Kurupt FM

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The Kurupt FM Podkast (Series 1) Inhaltsangabe

Winner of the Gold Comedy Podcast award at the 2020 British Podcast Awards

Please note: this podcast contains strong language (and dangerously high level lyrical content).

 A brand new show from the stars of the BBC's People Just Do Nothing. In the words of MC Grindah himself: 

“As literally everyone knows already, the world’s biggest pirate radio station, Kurupt FM, has shut down. A nation was thrown in to mourning as MC Grindah quit the music game and blessed a mic for the last time.

But there's just one problem. The fans have been going absolutely mental.

So now, rising from the ashes, the legendary Kurupt FM crew are BACK (in association with Chabuddy Enterprises). But this time, they’re a podcast."

 Join ex-pirate radio ‘legends’ MC Grindah, DJ Beats, Steves and their manager Chabuddy G as they discuss what they believe are the six most important subjects in the world....  

 This is an Audible Original Podcast. Free for members. You can download all 6 episodes to your Library now.

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