Kiera Hudson Series Two

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Kiera Hudson: Dead Flesh & Dead Night Inhaltsangabe

Dead Flesh (audiobook one): When Kiera and her friends return from the dead, they soon realize the world is not the same - it has been pushed. Returning to Hallowed Manor, Kiera soon learns it's not only the world that has changed; she is changing, too. Asked to help solve the murder of missing school teacher Emily Clarke, Kiera and her friends soon discover they are now living in a world where humans and wolves live together, sharing a fragile peace. But during her investigations, Kiera soon discovers the world is now a much darker and dangerous place than the one she left behind.  

Dead Night (audiobook two): When Potter disappears from Hallowed Manor for 24 hours, he goes in search of the only person he thinks will be able to give him answers as to why the world has been pushed. That person is his first love, Sophie. But Sophie has been pushed, too, and is running for her life. In a world where wolves live among humans, Potter must save Sophie while trying to search for answers. During his search, he discovers that some things are best left secret.

©2012 Tim O'Rourke (P)2018 Tim O'Rourke
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