Kane Chronicles

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It all started with an explosion. Sadie and Kane’s father, the brilliant Egyptologist Dr. Julius Kane didn’t mean to blow up the Rosetta Rock inside the British Museum, but the damage was done.

His accident released five powerful Egyptian gods into the world, including the dreadful Set, the God of Evil. Now, with their father missing and the Egyptian magic organisation, the House of Life, hot on their tails, Sadie and Kane must set the world right. Can they channel their lineage of ancient Egyptian magic and defeat the mighty God, or will the House of Life get to them first? 

Written in the first person, the Kane Chronicles takes listeners on an action-packed adventure filled with magic, monsters and mystery.

Former middle school teacher, Rick Riordan, had previously used Greek mythology as the main inspiration behind his works. Searching for something different, the idea for the Kane Chronicles was born out of his realisation that the only subject that entranced people more than Ancient Greece was the fascinating Ancient Egyptians. Using two of his former pupils as the basis for Carter and Sadie, the beginnings of the Kane Chronicles were created. 

By the time Riordan started to release instalments of the Kane Chronicles in 2010, the writer had already experienced tremendous success. His previous Percy Jackson series was adapted by 20th Century Fox into two hugely successful feature films, the first of which grossed an estimated $180 million worldwide and his titles have been translated into over 30 different languages. 

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