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Kallos: Kallos, Book 1 Inhaltsangabe

Her decisions may have life-ending consequences.

Kallos Dean is an everyday, average 16-year-old until she meets the beautiful and enigmatic Hunter brothers. They soon turn her world upside down with a shocking revelation: She is a goddess, one who must unite the splintered soul of her beloved soul mate once she finds him. Her feelings for both Ian and Sean grow by the day, leaving her unsure of where she stands with either of them.

Aphrodite, from whom Kallos is reincarnated, teaches her the ways of being a goddess. With this newfound knowledge, however, comes quite a bit of responsibility. To save her life and that of her newfound friends, Kallos must find her soul mate. This decision, however difficult, is the one thing that ties their worlds together. Deep inside, she knows that she has a choice to make. If she's to succeed in mastering who and what she is, she must trust herself and those around her. Only then will she be able to find strength in herself and the goddess she's bound to.

©2015 Khelsey Jones (P)2015 Khelsey Jones
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