Journey of the Children of Israel to the Promised Land

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The Journey of the Children to the Promised Land Inhaltsangabe

The Book of Exodus introduces God's omnipotence to the world and later reveals his holiness. It shows that there is a kind of infinity to sin, which had to be limited by divine mercy and love, in order for the universe to serve God's purpose. The Book of Exodus is the foundation on which Leviticus and Numbers rest. Where these two books differ, is only in a complementary manner by providing the exegeses on some of the matter raised in the Book of Exodus. There are, however, some new subject matters, but they are based on the grand theme of divine holiness. God is infinitely holy but man is sinful. Therefore, the blood sacrifices of the law were intended to bridge the gulf between man and God. To a large extent, Leviticus and Numbers describe the implementation of the spiritual obligations required of Israel. Accordingly, Israel's special mission was that of revealing the redeemer to the world.

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