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Sea Skimmer Inhaltsangabe

How do you counter your own weapon system when it's turned against you? The Falklands War posed just this problem. January 1982 and the Exocet sea skimming missile is a killer. The British should know, they co-developed it with the French. However, the Argentinians have them as well.

Marcel Bertrand, a French missile expert, is recruited to help them. On April 2, 1982, Argentina invades the Falklands. Soon after, Lieutenant Jon Hunt flies his Lynx helicopter from HMS Prometheus with a Special Forces team to covertly infiltrate the Argentinian Air base at Rio Grande. His mission is to persuade Marcel, who has been kept in the dark about the invasion, to agree to work for them. Once Jon explains the truth about the invasion, Marcel and his girlfriend Maria agree to help and manage to modify the missiles warheads with a software update so that they won't explode.

As the war heats up, Argentina desperately tries to make their missiles more effective, and the British try just as desperately to develop countermeasures. While down south, Jon Hunt discovers what it's really like to fly in combat. Eventually, Marcel and Maria find themselves in the Islands just as the British are closing in. A rescue attempt to get them out is led by Jon which culminates in a desperate encounter in the mountains surrounding Port Stanley, just as the final fight for the Islands takes place around them.

This novel is based on the personal experiences of the author and many true stories that have never been fully told before. This is the first in a series of modern naval adventures, following the career of Lieutenant Jonathon Hunt through the turbulent modern military times of the last three decades.

©2013 Larry Jeram-Croft (P)2015 Larry Jeram-Croft
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