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Jerry at Fair Oaks, Volume 1 Inhaltsangabe

Very few radio shows that aired during Radio's Golden Age between the early 1930s right on up into the 1950s managed to spin off an equally successful sequel series, yet Jerry Dugan's circus adventures proved to be so popular among young listeners that a sequel series about Jerry's adventures in a military school, Jerry at Fair Oaks, quickly followed.

Jerry at Fair Oaks picks up shortly after circus owner Sam Randall is named Jerry Dugan's legal guardian. Believing that a circus is no place for a boy to grow up in, Sam Randall enrolls Jerry at the Military Academy at Fair Oaks. At Fair Oaks, Jerry soon makes new friends - and even enemies. Jerry at Fair Oaks is a timeless coming-of-age story that still enthralls listeners with its powerful storytelling.

#1 Roommate Assigned; #2 Meeting Red, Tubby, and Harold; #3 Learning About Demerits; #4 Meeting Ted and William; #5 Red Gets Thirteen Demerits; #6 Ready for Polo Team Tryout; #7 Tryout Against Two Others; #8 Three-Way Tie.

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