Jamieson Brothers

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Rock and a Hard Place Inhaltsangabe

In an instant, Libby's life turned from picture-perfect to hopeless. After surviving a terrible accident, Libby is left with her eccentric aunt. A new town, a new school, no friends. Then she meets Peter, the lead singer in a hit band with his brothers.

Peter's parents overly manage his life, he's constantly surrounded by family, and he just wants to get away. With Libby, he's found the one person who just wants to be with him, not the pop star. While Peter battles his family's growing interference, Libby struggles with her aunt, who turns nastier each day.

Together Libby and Peter hatch a plan to be together, but just as happiness and freedom are within their grasp, everything changes. Will Peter be able to find her again? And will Libby be able to make it on her own?

©2013 HarperTeen (P)2018 Angie Stanton
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