James Patterson Can't Beat Detective Frank Jones

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James Patterson Can't Beat Detective Frank Jones Inhaltsangabe

College Sophomore Autumn Boyd lies dead on the Charleston Battery. Her Uncle Boyd Tanner is out to solve this murder, on his own. Tanner is on leave from duty in Iraq. Unknown to Tanner, is Detective Frank Jones. Jones is a seven year veteran of Homicide. Fighting personal demons and a Chief who hates him, Jones investigates Autumn's murder without any leads. The only way he can save his job is to solve this case. Since he re-assigned he has to use the only lead he can find, Autumn's Uncle, Boyd Tanner. His heart and mind broken, from war and death now at home, both Detective Jones and Boyd pursues answers like men running a marathon. Time is running out before Tanner is duty bound to return to Iraq and keep Frank from turning in his shield. Each lead he uncovers leads to unpredictable choices and consequences. Nothing is as it should be.

Tanner's girlfriend Anne Willow provides physical and emotional tender care. Yet she fails to realize how far deep this case goes down the rabbit hole of Charleston. Yet Boyd has no idea how connected to this case Anne is as she runs from being straight to a Bi-sexual.

As Boyd runs a gauntlet of drug dealers, shady police, and political red tape, he realizes he has to act on his own for justice.

©2011 Eugene Cole Bolchoz (P)2015 Eugene Cole Bolchoz
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