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Cuba Inhaltsangabe

Rear Admiral Jake Grafton, the hero of Flight of the Intruder, returns as the United States and Cuba engage in a terrifying game of brinkmanship, a gamble that could break the last military taboo and destroy both countries. In Cuba, an ailing Fidel Castro lies dying. Across the Straits of Florida, an anxious U.S. awaits the inevitable power struggle, determined to have a say in who controls this strategically invaluable island. And the American President has an added reason for concern: an Arms Control Conference has just begun in Paris and, unbeknownst to either the American public or Cuba, the U.S. has hidden secret weapons inside the American base on Cuba's Guantanamo Bay. But no secret remains one for long, and when one of the Cuban factions finds out about the weapons, the excitement begins. Only Admiral Grafton, on an aircraft carrier off the coast of Cuba, knows the impending danger. Only Grafton can save America from a disaster that would make the Bay of Pigs look like child's play.

©1999 by Stephen Coonts (P)1999 NewStar Media Inc.
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    Flight of the Intruder Titelbild
    • Flight of the Intruder

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    The Intruders Titelbild
    • The Intruders

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    Final Flight Titelbild
    • Final Flight

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    The Minotaur Titelbild
    • The Minotaur

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    Under Siege Titelbild
    • Under Siege

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    The Red Horseman Titelbild
    • The Red Horseman

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    Cuba Titelbild
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    America Titelbild
    • America

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    Liberty Titelbild
    • Liberty

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