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God's Assassin Inhaltsangabe

The secret world order...

Jack Carson thought that his days of being an assassin were over with. Nothing ahead of him but a simple life with his wife and daughter. No more secrets. No more lies. That is until his past caught up with him and his wife and daughter were killed and he was knocked unconscious by a car bomb that was meant for him. He wakes up to find himself in a strange place and that the world he thought he knew was only a curtain hiding the real truth about what was going on.

Now he has been recruited by a secret organization named G.O.D - the Global Order Directive - that manipulates the world in order to save it from destruction by ancient aliens. It's up to him to fulfill his agreement with G.O.D and find the man responsible for the death of his wife and daughter...and save the world from total destruction. Good luck with that Jack!

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