Inspector Porfiry Rostnikov

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Death of a Dissident Inhaltsangabe

The Victims

An unscrupulous cab driver. The killer's own frightened wife. Most troublesome of all, an outspoken dissident, watched closely by the KGB, whose trial had been set for the very next day.

The Weapons

A heavy iron-headed hammer. A rusty, antiquated sickle. And a broken vodka bottle.

The Cops

Tkach, who seduces suspects into confessing with his apparent innocence. Karpo, a bit of a Tartar, a bit of a vampire, a stolid saint of the Soviet faith. And Rostnikov, their leader, who almost wishes the investigation won't turn out to be too simple. Before the case is over, Rostnikov will remember that wish and regret it.

©1990 Stuart M. Kaminsky (P)2013 Audible, Inc.
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