Infected Freaks

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Infected Freaks Volume One Inhaltsangabe

Armageddon began the day Red Dead entered the solar system. Fear leads to blame, blame leads to choosing sides - and both sides have bombs. Civil War in America turned into a worldwide conflict, leaving the world in a new dark age.

Nothing has stirred about in the ravaged mountains for two years. Abrahams's heart is broken save the fading hope of bringing his lost children home. He sets out without a destination searching for signs of life. What he finds is something infected.

A living husk riddled in fungus and straight out of a nightmare threatens the region. No one knows if the infected freaks are some sort of zombie created in a lab or something alien related to the approaching red planet.

Infected Freaks is a survival horror thriller that tells the story of Abraham Heinz, a washed-up man surviving in the Rocky Mountains. He is conflicted when two of his children enlist in opposite factions in America's second Civil War. The conflict ends modern life.

His problems intensify when a mysterious outbreak connected to an approaching planet leaves the world in awe, he will stop at nothing to bring his family back together.

Is the infection alien or something created in a lab? One thing is certain: The closer Red Dead draws to Earth, the more powerful the infected freaks grow.

As the emotion thriller builds, Abraham is transformed into someone he tried to forget. He wages war on anything living and dead if it means protecting his family. He will stop at nothing to keep his loved ones safe.

The series, fused with emotion, will be delivered in a volume of novella-sized episodes that will make up a much larger tale of tragedy. Think of it as a favorite TV show or comic that will continue to build upon each breathtaking volume.

©2014 Jason Borrego (P)2015 Jason Borrego
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