I'm the Bad Guy!?

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I'm the Bad Guy!? Inhaltsangabe

Our hero wakes to find himself in the body of one of his favorite Isekai anime characters. In this new world, the hero is a once-in-a-hundred-year prodigy, a master Arcanist, and is blessed by the god of magic himself! 

He has a harem of beautiful women at his beck and call, an Empire under his control, and the most powerful Arcana Spirits the world has ever seen. 

Sounds great, right? Well, there's just one problem.... Our hero isn't *the* hero.   

Our hero is the bad guy with a tragic ending. 

Armed with only his knowledge of the anime and the body of 11-year-old Aren Ulvani, can our hero turn his life around, or will the events of the anime come to pass regardless of what he does?

©2019 Kenneth Arant (P)2019 Kenneth Arant
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