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Bonds of Blood (Sándor & Ilona) Inhaltsangabe

Love is Eternal, but the Bonds of Blood make their own inexorable demands...deep in the Hungarian Night.

It is 1888 and young Hungarian-American accountant Sándor Temesváry travels from London to Hungary to hire gypsy riders and musicians for his employer Buffalo Bill Cody's new show. Sándor plans to attend the wedding of his cousin, Ilona Temesváry, who is being coerced into marrying a distant Transylvanian Count after the death of her father by her profligate brother, horse-breeder Baron Zóltán.

Count Dráco Batthyány de Harkály has agreed to pay off the Baron's considerable debts in exchange for her hand. Their journey to the Count's lands entangles them in a life or death pact with a clan of gypsies.

Will the danger that awaits them at the castle lead to their demise or do they all share a higher karmic purpose, one that could even save the world, as sensed by Zsófia, the gypsy seer? What sort of hold does Count Dráco have over Ilona's mind, causing her to remember an ancient past with him? When should the bonds of the spirit supersede the bonds of blood? The answer lies deep in the Hungarian Night.

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