Humanity's Hope

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Camp H, Book 1 Inhaltsangabe

Mankind has always worried about the end of its days, and that time has come in the form of a zombie plague. A group of friends have banded together to create a safe haven they call Camp H, for hope. They are unaware of approaching danger on two horizons that will take them to their limits to survive. One among them may hold the key to humanity's salvation.

A secret group of people come out of the shadows to try to salvage the elite lifestyle to which they have grown accustomed. Led by the mysterious Kane, will they be the salvation of the human race or it's downfall? A recently retired Navy SEAL is on a mission to eradicate the zombie, or slab, problem, as the media has dubbed them. He will need all his training to pull off the most important war he has ever fought. Is there more to his mission, though? Only time will tell. Before it is over, the boundaries between myth and reality will be tested, and the zombies won't be the only problem they all face.

Camp H is the first book in the Humanity's Hope series.

©2014 Greg P Ferrell (P)2015 Greg P Ferrell
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