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Calm & Bright: A Clean and Sweet Christian Romance in Idaho at Christmas Inhaltsangabe

Even a matchmaking grandmother and an adorable four-year-old might not be enough to help this couple reunite!

This Christmas, Brad Hughes hopes he can convince his ex-wife Maddie he's not the unreliable, workaholic charmer she married young and then divorced. They'll be together over the holidays, for the sake of their four-year-old son. But what chance do they have of becoming a family again, when she can't leave the tiny Idaho lakeside community she grew up in, and he's a city boy through and through. Can they allow God to heal their broken marriage and broken hearts before his career tears them apart again?

I adore Christmas! Yummy food, fairy lights, decorating the tree, giving and receiving gifts - the big kid in me delights in all that! Plus it's a time for family, faith, and love - all things that mean a lot to me. And they're all important elements of my new novella Calm & Bright, too. It's a story of finding a home, a second chance at love, and the greatest gift of all - the gift of a second chance with God. This is a story I've wanted to write since my spring release in 2015, Forget Paris. Brad appears in it briefly, and unfortunately he's a bit of a jerk! Okay, a lot of a jerk! But I love knowing none of us is such a jerk we can't be redeemed by love and faith. That earlier story woke Brad up - that he needed to change, and in this story, God helps him find his heart's true home. This audiobook begins a new series, set in beautiful Huckleberry Lake, Idaho! Every audiobook is a complete romance, following a different couple through the trials and joys of a developing love, deepening their faith in the process, until they're ready for the happy-ever-after God has planned for them. Includes a bonus recipe! I've enjoyed writing this story so much! And I hope you'll enjoy listening to it, too.

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