Hood Love Story

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Hood Love: A Thug's Destiny Inhaltsangabe

Get ready for some sizzling hot hood romance!

Tamina's childhood revolved around one person, her best friend, Markus. Ever since he moved across the street, she had been fascinated by him. They played ball together, went to school together, and hung out at the corner store all the time. Everyone at school would say they were together, but Markus never said anything. Tamina wanted to be with him, even if it was against her mother's wishes. Markus' father was a big time gangsta, but Tamina was sure Markus was nothing like him, until she came home from school one day and saw him getting put in the back of a police car.

Years later, Tamina still hasn't heard from Markus. She had moved on with her life, surrounding herself with good friends and spending as much time as she could in her college text books. One night, her and her girls decided to kick it at a club, trying to take a break from life. There, Tamina meets Dante, a suave, smooth, and sophisticated young man who makes her lose her breath. He just might be the one to make her forget all about Markus.

Warning: Contains scenes of a sexual nature. Only listen if 18+

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