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As any A-lister in Hollywood knows, the climb to the top is a treacherous one, and these stilettos better be made for stomping. When four friends form a pact to bust the male-dominated industry and make a blockbuster film, they are in for more than they bargained for. There's "Cici" Solange, a stunning movie queen clinging to stardom by a manicured fingernail; her agent, Jessica Caulfield, president of CTA (the most powerful agency in town) and determined to keep her top-notch client list and position; billion-dollar producer Lydia Albright, fighting to a bring a surefire hit to the screen before she's fired by a new studio chief; and writer Mary Ann Meyers, plucked from obscurity to write the $1.5-million screenplay that brings all the players together. To their dismay, the fab four discover that the girls' club can be as cutthroat as the boy's club, and it's most definitely cattier. Having friends with power is crucial, but having friends you can trust is even better.

In Hollywood, success lasts seconds, and you're only as good as your last hit. When your career is in jeopardy, the only people who will save you are your friends.

©2007 Maggie Marr (P)2015 Maggie Marr
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