Her Elemental Dragons

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Light the Fire: A Reverse Harem Fantasy Inhaltsangabe

The fire god demands I become his priestess...and take four mates. 

I’ve secretly loved my four best friends ever since we were kids playing in the village together, but I can’t have them all - and there’s no way I can choose only one. 

Blane, the town’s resident bad boy who I can’t seem to resist. Roth, the scarred hero who once broke my heart. Derel, the infuriatingly sexy man I’ve been betrothed to my entire life. And Falon, my best friend, who has never seen me as more...or has he? 

When the fire god chooses me to be his high priestess, he demands I take four men to be my mates. Maybe I don’t have to choose after all...but will the men agree to give up everything to join me at the fire temple? And if they do, what challenges will we face once we arrive there? 

Light the Fire is a stand-alone prequel to the Her Elemental Dragons series. It was previously published in the Realms & Rebels anthology.

©2019 Elizabeth Briggs (P)2019 Elizabeth Briggs
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