Hannibal Jones Mystery

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The Troubleshooter Inhaltsangabe

Dan Balor, a high powered Washington attorney, buys an apartment building in the heart of the city, hoping to create low income housing for good families. Instead, he finds the building occupied by squatters: drug dealers, winos, and hookers intent on staying in place. Police and private investigators are unable to empty the building for use by paying residents. No one seems willing or able to take on this challenge until Balor meets Hannibal Jones.

Hannibal soon finds himself up against a local crime boss and his powerful mob connected father. The conflict spreads until Hannibal realizes that his stand against the mob could explode into a full-fledged riot unless he can somehow end it all without surrendering the building and the neighborhood to the criminals.

©2004 Austin S. Camacho (P)2017 Intrigue Publishing, LLC
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