Forgotten Starship

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Exodus Inhaltsangabe

In the year 2050, Earth makes first contact. By 2052, the war is over. We lose.

Soon after the generation starship Pioneer leaves Earth's orbit, the ship is struck by a rogue asteroid. At first, Captain Tyson Grant believes the accident is minor. But when a by-the-book investigation of the damage ends in disaster, he realizes he was wrong.

Very, very wrong.

With the ship suddenly in grave danger, Tyson turns to Sergeant Joseph Cross and his team to bring the situation back under control. As the nature of the threat becomes more apparent, what once promised to be an uneventful journey across the stars descends into a desperate fight for survival. A fight that leads both Tyson and Joseph to realize that the greatest menace to humankind's future may not be the unknown, but themselves.

And some terrors are impossible to escape...

If you like your sci-fi with a healthy mix of action, thrills, chills, plot twists, and characters you'll both love and love to hate, don't miss Exodus, the first novel in the Forgotten Starship series, a gripping new military science-fiction epic from million-copy best-selling author M.R. Forbes. 

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