Forensic Handwriting Mystery

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Poison Pen Inhaltsangabe

Sheila Lowe “wins readers over with her well-developed heroine and the wealth of fascinating detail” (Booklist) in this captivating mystery set in Hollywood, where forensic handwriting expert Claudia Rose knows that despite the words it forms, a pen will always write the truth.

Before her body is found floating in her jacuzzi, publicist to the stars Lindsey Alexander had few friends, but plenty of lovers. To her ex-friend Claudia, she was a ruthless, backstabbing manipulator. But even Claudia is shocked by Lindsey’s startling final note: It was fun while it lasted.

It would be easier on the police - and Claudia - to write off Lindsey’s death as suicide, but Claudia’s instincts push her to investigate further, and she quickly finds herself entangled in a far darker scenario than she had anticipated. Racing to identify the killer, Claudia soon has a price on her head. Unless she can read the handwriting on the wall, she will become the next victim.

"The well - paced plot develops from uneasy suspicions to tightly wound action." (Front Street)

©2016 Sheila Lowe (P)2022 Sheila Lowe
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