For If It Were a Dream

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Arts of Norica Inhaltsangabe

This is the tale of the powers known as Arts and those who wield them on a planet named Norica. Six races live on Norica, and each wield an Art of their own: Frost, Flame, Lightning, Time, Binding, and Gravity. The Frost Fangs, wielders of the Frost Arts, have plans to give Norica to the frost as their ancestors attempted before them to cleanse the planet of those who are unworthy. The other races have fought desperately to fend off the attacks of the Frost Fangs and have attempted to reclaim the lands that they have lost, but little progress has been made.

With the Verillian having taken refuge in the clouds, the Bound being nearly exterminated, and the Sereps struggling to retain the last of their lands, only the Dragons seem to offer hope in such desperate times. Will Emperor Hyurego Frost see his plans come to fruition? Or will the other races find the strength to defeat the Frost Fangs before it is too late?

©2014 Tyrell McCreary (P)2014 Tyrell McCreary
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