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Flashes of Fiction: Volume 1 Inhaltsangabe

Five short stories for quick, fun listens. Each volume contains stories in various genres, so there is something for every listener.

Volume 1: "Metro Dome" (sci fi). In the future families live in domes to protect themselves from the scorching sun, but one man longs for the days when families lived in houses and the worlds seemed endless.

"Viral Smiles" (humor). A young lady decides to put the theory to test that smiles are contagious with some humorous results.

"Shannon Elizabeth Riley" (mystery). A little girl finally finds her way home after being lost for 30 years.

"Operation Onion" (sci fi/speculative fiction). Samuel is born with a strange affliction that makes him emit different odors based on his moods, and this makes people shy away from him. But Samuel‘s mother says God has a plan for everyone, so does this mean Samuel will find his place in this world?

"The Handbag" (sci-fi). Sara finds a handbag that seems to make money on cue, but all good things have a catch. Right?

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