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Kells: The Risin' of the Rebellion (Fitzmichael Family) Inhaltsangabe

Caitleen McNeill's goal was to escape the poverty and starvation of her childhood. Kells Fitzmichael's mission was to own his own sailing ships. However, within minutes of meeting, they were forced into a marriage of inconvenience from which the binds grew as tangled as a Celtic knot. Each had to survive as they traveled across a nation filled with torture, intrigue, betrayal and death as the Rebellion of 1798 broke out and trusted friends became, sometimes, a worse danger than the enemy.

Who could they trust as they traveled across Ireland's war-torn nation in search of Kells' family? Who would not betray them to the dreaded Orangemen for a few palsley coins? What secret did Kells harbor that would help him miraculously achieve his goal? Kells and Cait learned quickly that they had to trust each other in order to survive and reach a combined goal made of mutual trust and love.

©2015 Helen Walsh Folsom (P)2016 Helen Walsh Folsom
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