First Mountain Man

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The First Mountain Man Inhaltsangabe

They called him . . . Preacher. 

He came west to the Rockies as a young runaway and grew into a legend among the already legendary frontier mountain men. They called him Preacher - a name that would become a monument to all who sought adventure in the savage wilderness of America's untamed west. The only man with the skills to lead a wagon train on the last leg of the rugged Oregon trail, Preacher knows they're headed into trouble. It's hard enough for a hundred greenhorns to survive the wilds of the northwest; being pursued by thieving renegade outlaws and Indians with a thirst for gold - and blood - makes it damn near impossible. Somehow, Preacher has to get these pilgrims through safely - if he doesn't want to end up buried along the trail with the rest of them . . . .

©1991 William W. Johnstone (P)2019 Tantor
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