Fate Weaver

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A Match Made in Spell Inhaltsangabe

Lexi Balefire, matchmaking witch extraordinaire, can find just about anyone's perfect match - except her own. 

If Lexi Balefire's matchmaking skills seem like magic, it's for a good reason - being witchy runs in her family. Too bad the family magic has passed her by. Without access to enough power, Lexi might never control the Balefire legacy. Even worse, power might turn her into a wicked witch like her mother and grandmother before her. Lexi can only hope her dedication to bringing soul mates together is enough to counteract her family's sordid past. 

Musician Kin Clark wants to prove he's the one to break her cycle of bad dating luck, but a gaggle of female groupies vying for his attention has Lexi worried he'll break her heart instead. When a formerly happy client gets dumped unexpectedly, Lexi will need to uncover the secrets of her past in order to put the pieces back together again - all while dealing with four fighting faerie godmothers, an obnoxious archnemesis, and a man who might just change her fate.

©2016 ReGina Welling and Erin Lynn (P)2018 Tantor
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