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Faithgirlz Sophie Series Audio Collection, Books 1-6 Inhaltsangabe

Middle school drama and one girl’s big imagination collide in this audio collection containing the first six books in the Sophie series for girls ages 9-12. Listeners will love following future film director Sophie and her friends as they navigate first crushes, major bullies, shifting friendships, and what it means to apply your faith to everyday life. Each story is not only entertaining, the plotlines speak to the real-life issues girls are facing at school and at home.

Perfect for young daydreamers and fans of contemporary middle-grade fiction, books 1-6 in the Sophie Series from Nancy Rue are now available in one audio download!

Faithgirlz Sophie Series Audio Collection, Books 1-6 features:

  • A relatable and fun main character who will appeal to young girls discovering who they are and want to become
  • Experiences with bullying, first crushes, jealousy, working through your feelings, and moving to a new home and making new friends
  • Inspirational Christian themes that help listeners imagine themselves in Scripture and apply it to their lives

In addition, this audio download is:

  • ideal for birthdays, Christmas, or any gift-giving occasion
  • wonderful for summer travel or listening around the house
  • great for listeners 9 to 12, and especially girls who are creative, artsy, imaginative, or dealing with the trials of middle school friend relationships

Faithgirlz Sophie Series Audio Collection, Books 1-6 includes:

  • Sophie’s World: After moving to Virginia, Sophie is not only adjusting to her new town and school, her overactive imagination keeps getting her in trouble and she’s soon labeled “weird.” Then Sophie meets Fiona, who loves play-acting too. But will therapy sessions with Dr. Peter help Sophie finally merge her imaginary world with the very real world of middle school?
  • Sophie’s Secret: When a school project leads Sophie to investigate her family’s past, she discovers there are no pictures of her as a baby. Sophie’s mind begins to spin, and she can’t stop wondering, what secrets are her parents hiding? And can she ever trust them again?
  • Sophie Under Pressure: To boost their science grades, Sophie and her friends decide to build a spacestation in the backyard and film their experience of what it would really be like to explore other planets. But then their astronaut expedition crew begins to seriously fight. Can Sophie save the mission—and her friendships—before it’s too late?
  • Sophie Steps Up: Sophie and her friends are excited to be doing their latest play as their project for the school’s live showcase. And when a new girl from Ireland is assigned to their group, Sophie is eager to make her feel welcome. But all of Sophie’s dreams start to fade as the school decides the girls’ play needs to change and cultures clash between her friends and Darby. It will take more than Sophie’s imagination to make everything right again.
  • Sophie’s First Dance: The first boy-girl school dance is coming, and all the girls are a mix of excitement and nerves. To cope, they create a fantasy movie where the boys are perfect gentlemen. But Sophie can’t stop worrying about the possibility of dancing with her kinda-crush, Jimmy. And as the dance gets closer, the real boys start to unwittingly cause issues between friends.
  • Sophie’s Stormy Summer: Sophie and her friends have been looking forward to a summer of fun and relaxation, but when one of them is diagnosed with a serious illness, everything shifts, and they realize they can’t daydream themselves away from the news.
©2022 Nancy N. Rue (P)2022 Zondervan
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