Evan Knight

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The Lost Garden Trilogy Inhaltsangabe

Dr. Evan Knight, a maverick historian and martial arts expert, is on a lifelong quest for the Garden of Eden. He researches it, he paints it, he even dreams about it.

One day, while giving a college lecture on the garden, he recognizes a compelling and beautiful woman from his recurring dream. Except Jessima IL Eve is no ordinary woman, and she's about to introduce Evan Knight to a world of danger, wonder, and ancient history. It will challenge his courage and threaten his safety, and hers. He's about to discover his greatest purpose in life. Bad guys, both mortal and immortal, are in hot pursuit.

Box set of three best-selling adventure novels, including:

  • The Lost Garden
  • Keepers of the Lost Garden
  • Destroyers of the Lost Garden
©2014 K.T. Tomb (P)2015 K.T. Tomb
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