Dragon Chameleon

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Dragon Chameleon: Episodes 1-4 Inhaltsangabe

Heroes come from unexpected places.

From USA Today bestselling author, Sarah K. L. Wilson, comes an epic tale of a cynical teen and the dragon who teaches him how to be a hero.

Eighteen-year-old Tor is scarred by war and starvation. When he is given a chance to be on of the Dominion’s famed Dragon Riders, he leaps at the chance. But Tor’s dragon and mission are out of the ordinary and to serve them both, he’ll have to learn to be something he’s never aspired to be...a hero.

Can Tor embrace magic, responsibility, and epic quest he’s meant for?

Dragon Chameleon is the epic dragon rider series you don’t want to miss. Combining dramatic dragon battles, breath-taking adventures, magical creations, and heart-pounding suspense, this tale will warm your heart and keep you resisting to pause.

This omnibus edition contains episodes 1-4 of the popular novella series:

  • Dragon Chameleon: Rogue’s Quest It takes a special kind of magic to hide in plain sight. Can Tor handle it?
  • Dragon Chameleon: Paths of Deception It takes a special kind of rogue to spy on the enemy. Is Tor that rogue?
  • Dragon Chameleon: City of Ice What will Tor do when every decision drops him deeper into the fire?
  • Dragon Chameleon: Mist of Power Magic isn’t evil - but is it being used that way?

Binge-listen the series reviewers are calling "just as fun, exciting and special as Dragon School" when you get this audiobook.

©2019 Sarah K. L. Wilson (P)2019 Sarah K. L. Wilson
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