Dracula Investigates

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The Dracula Investigates Casebook: Dracula Investigates, Volume 1-3 Inhaltsangabe

The Dracula Investigates Casebook!

The first three books in the Dracula Investigates series are collected together here in the Count's casebook for your enjoyment.

From inside the thick stone walls of Castle Dracula to the dark and looming Carpathian Mountains, journey round Transylvania alongside the Count and his trusty assistant, Renfield, as they solve crimes too baffling for the police. What has happened to the invisible flan? How can a 3,000-year-old Egyptian mummy come back to life? Who or what is leaving the Mark of the Vampire? Discover the answers to these questions and more within this assortment of short stories, poems, and solve-it-yourself mysteries where you can try to discover whodunit before the great detective himself!

This collection is made up of the following Dracula Investigates books:

Dracula Investigates...

Dracula Investigates the Mummy's Purse

Dracula Investigates the Mark of the Vampire

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