Dr. Freudine Is In

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Dr. Freudine Is In: The Story Begins Inhaltsangabe

Dr. Ziggy Freudine is a young psychiatrist with a lot of dreams as she begins her practice.

I created her over 10 years ago while reviewing mostly books and movies on a now-defunct website and sometimes she helped me as my amusing alter ego, but this book (first of a trilogy) is not a collection of reviews.

It's her story of life in and out of the office as she seeks a free-spirited, unconventional approach to helping clients. She and her few clients are a lot like you or I, people who simply need a listener.

This trilogy incorporates romance, comedy, and a reflective journey of self-awareness. If it was rated, it might be PG-13 for implied sex, frank discussion of sex, and some bad language.

©2014 Jan Peregrine (P)2016 Jan Peregrine
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