Dickie Floyd Detective

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A Good Bunch of Men: A Dickie Floyd Detective Novel Inhaltsangabe

Dead prostitutes can seem like part of the landscape in South Los Angeles. 

What, then, could render two veteran homicide detectives speechless as they stand over their latest victim? 

Tightly-wound Dickie Jones and his smart and cocky partner, Matt “Pretty Boy Floyd” Tyler, find themselves entangled with gang members and a sexy drug dealer as they uncover a nefarious plot rife with greed, sex, and betrayal. 

Can law enforcement’s “odd couple” survive fights, shoot-outs, and a sniper who wants them dead? What about their wives, and their captain, all of whom have had it with them both? 

A Good Bunch of Men will have you laughing, gasping, and craving the next in the Dickie Floyd Detective series. 

©2014 Danny R. Smith (P)2018 Danny R. Smith
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