Diary of a Serial Killer Series

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Momma: Prequel to Diary of a Serial Killer Series Inhaltsangabe

Let's get THINGS straight: You made up your mind about me and my son the day some prude, who got what she deserved, told you to.   

Silly you. Cause I'm not Beverly. And I'm not my son either. I'm Momma.  

And that's just gonna have to be good enough for you.    

Cause serial killers don't grow on trees, you know.  

You have to plant them.

©2017 Erin Lee (P)2018 Crazy Ink LLC
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    • Diary of a Serial Killer, Book 1
    • Autor: Erin Lee
    • Sprecher: Michael Goldsmith
    • Spieldauer: 4 Std. und 58 Min.
    • Erscheinungsdatum: 07.07.2017
    • Sprache: Englisch
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