Descendants Saga: Crisis Sequence

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Rage Inhaltsangabe

"I can hardly believe what has happened. It's utterly overwhelming, and I have no idea what to do. After all, I'm only 15 going on 16. I never expected to witness the end of the world. I certainly never thought I would be the cause of it." - Jonathan Parks

England faces utter ruin when a viral pandemic erupts in Central London. Within hours of infection, citizens become ravenous creatures seeking to feed upon and infect any living thing they can find. Swiftly they break through Armed Response teams and military units, leaving an ever widening swathe of devastation and chaos in their wake. What started simply with one boy, may now scour the entire globe. As Britain desperately tries to contain the plague, foreign powers seek to isolate themselves, while their clandestine intelligence agencies race to find the boy who may be the world's only hope for finding a cure.

Crisis Sequence picks up where Descendants Saga: Vendetta left off.

©2014 James Somers (P)2014 James Somers
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