Decker P.I.

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Decker P. I.: Scorpion Cay Inhaltsangabe

The Florida Keys are another world. Bikinis and boat drinks, laid back life and attitude. They have a darker side as well, haven for smugglers, conduits for illegal money, illegal immigrants. When Attorney Russell Cosgrove is murdered on his patio, most are willing to chalk it up to an unhappy client with a grudge, or a jealous girlfriend.

Not Sam Decker, however. He and Cosgrove had been old friends, going back to Decker’s days as an agent for the Drug Enforcement Administration. When State cops come in and try to take over the investigation, Decker wants to know why. He has no idea that finding the answers could get him killed!

Corporate killers, drug smugglers, hired assassins, Decker finds himself facing them all in his efforts to solve Cosgrove’s murder. It is only after a narrow escape from an attempt on his life that Decker discovers Cosgrove wasn’t the real target at all! Decker himself was! Caught in the crosshairs, Decker must use every trick in the book just to survive!

©2008 Bill Craig (P)2013 Bill Craig
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    A Cold and Lonely Death Titelbild
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    Running the Voodoo Down Titelbild
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    Lives in the Balance Titelbild
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    Pieces of Eight Titelbild
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    Arizona Deadline Titelbild
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    Those Left Behind Titelbild
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