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Day Trading Inhaltsangabe

Learn the strategies to make a lot of money with day trading!

Learn step by step how to make money with stock options.

This book, Day Trading: A Basic Guide to Crash It with Day Trading, is written for the person that needs to know the information and strategies to be a day trader.

In this book we teach you:

  • How to read a stock quote
  • Day trader federal requirements
  • Brokerage accounts, brokerage firms, cash or margin
  • Basic tools of the trade
  • An important Tool- the trading plan
  • Example of a day trading routine to prevent mistakes
  • Economic calendars and technical analysis
  • Keys to technical analysis
  • Two beginning strategies using technical analysis:
  • Keys to the economic calendar
  • Day trading for an investment house as a beginner
  • Day trading for a proprietary trading firm
  • Self-employed day traders
  • Success stories
  • Basic strategies
  • The five steps for determining a good trade
  • Four basic trading strategies for the beginner
  • Identifying the optimum entry points for trades
  • Setting the stop losses
  • Statistics/tracking performance
  • Common mistakes to avoid
  • The One Percent Risk rule
  • Capital and leverage
  • Slippage
  • Rules of engagement for the beginning trader
  • The best trade tools
  • The top 10 brokerage firms
  • The top eight trading platforms
  • The top five stock market games for practice

Although this does not contain everyday trading strategy, it does contain six beginning strategies from which to choose to begin the day trading career.

©2016 Joe Bronski (P)2016 Franky | studio
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