Dark Angel

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Follow along in this new thrilling psychological series with Amy Perez, a three-time best-selling author in new release books and the number one best seller in forensic psychology.

A young woman grows through some sexual trauma and lives through to work it out emotionally, sexually, and socially. Go inside this mind of the Dark Angel known in the Manic Episode Series. Dive deeper into the Dark Angel and who and what it represents. Let's find out in this psychological thriller.

About the author: Amy Perez has a master's degree in general psychology. She has worked in Miami, Florida, with people living with various mental illnesses. She has spent many hours inside mental health facilities with a first-hand patient perspective. 

Amy lives in Florida with her family and orange tabby. She enjoys reading, writing, cooking, and spending time in nature. Instagram: avidauthor. Twitter: @Psychologyamy. Facebook group: Mental Health Encouragement.

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