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Silent Fear Inhaltsangabe

After brain surgeon Dr. Danny Tilson performs several intracranial surgeries, patients and staff acquire a strange meningitis that sweeps nationwide at breakneck speed. The root of the outbreak is an enigma, and the CDC, a neurologist, and an infectious disease specialist are called in for their expertise.

Hang on for a ride as Dr. Danny straightens out his personal life while he is confronted with an epidemic of frightening proportions and consequences. The pandemic of the millennium has no cure in sight! And while Danny's colleagues, patients, and staff are falling dead around him, perhaps the most crucial question of all is: Why has Danny been spared?

Like ebola, Dr. Ebel's real and deadly organism in Silent Fear actually exists.

This is a standalone audiobook as well as book two in the Doctor Danny Tilson series of novels.

Book one of the series is Operation Neurosurgeon.

Book three of the series is Collateral Circulation: a Medical Mystery.

Author's website: barbaraebel.weebly.com

©2014 Barbara Ebel, M.D. (P)2015 Barbara Ebel, M.D.
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