DS Ava Merry and DI Jim Neal

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Dead Secret Inhaltsangabe

Shocking family secrets come to light when a young woman is murdered.

Who killed Amy Hill?

Amy Hill, a 19-year-old student, is strangled and her body dumped on open ground in the city. New police partners DI Jim Neal and DS Ava Merry are called in to investigate this brutal crime. The last person to see Amy alive was Simon, the son of a family friend, but before he can be properly questioned he disappears.

Detectives Neal and Merry are led on a trail of shocking family secrets and crimes. Can this duo track down the murderer before anyone else dies? Stopping this tragic cycle of violence will put DS Merry’s life at risk in a thrilling and heart-stopping finale.

If you like Angela Marsons, Rachel Abbott, Ruth Rendell, or Mark Billingham, you will be gripped by this exciting new crime fiction writer.

Dead Secret is the first in a new series of detective thrillers featuring DS Ava Merry and DI Jim Neal. Ava Merry is a young policewoman, recently promoted to detective sergeant. She is a fitness fanatic with a taste for dangerous relationships. Jim Neal is a single dad who juggles his devotion to his job with caring for his son.

Set in the fictional northern city of Stromford, this detective mystery will have you gripped from start to shocking conclusion.

Coming soon in audio: 

Dark Secret

Her Husband’s Secret

Their Fatal Secrets

©2015 Janice Frost (P)2018 W.F. Howes Ltd
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